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Building Surveyors Cambridgeshire- building Surveyors with local knowledge and expertise

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Cambridgeshire Building Surveys


Structural surveys written in plain English - jargon free

Save money with a building survey

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Building Surveyors Cambridgeshire - the local property experts that will save you money with a building survey

Are you buying a property in Cambridgeshire?

A structural building survey from our Building Surveyors is crucial when buying a property -the survey will identify any property issues enabling you to have a full understanding of the property and is a report you can use to negotiate to save you money on the purchase price.

Are you renting a property in Cambridgeshire?

A Schedule of Condition from our GEM Building Surveyors is essential to limit your future liabilities giving you peace of mind too. Don’t move in without one or if you are currently renting then call us today 01234 355 358


Why Building Surveyors Cambridgeshire believe our building surveys are the best money can buy

7 reasons to choose GEM Building Surveyors:-

  1. Plain English building surveys – our surveys are jargon free so that you will totally understand any property issues or characteristics
  2. Our Building Surveyors meet you at the property – we are happy to meet and talk to you at the property to discuss and property concerns or future plans
  3. Local knowledge – we have been carrying out surveys in Cambridgeshire for many, many years and have local expertise
  4. Detailed Executive Summaries – our surveys have Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries to ensure you understand the property from chimney to foundation externally and in every room from ceiling to floor internally.
  5. Latest surveying equipment – Our Building Surveyors always use the latest surveying equipment to ensure the most precise readings to gain a full analysis of the property
  6. Aerial view – 360 photos – we not only include many high resolution digital photos in our surveys we also provide birds eye aerial view – 360 photos which give a unique view of any hard to view areas of the property
  7. Unique survey sketches – over the many years we have been surveying we have commissioned unique survey sketches to ensure you are able to gain a full understanding of the property not just from descriptions and photos but from hand drawn detailed sketches too.


Thousands of visitors flock to the county of Cambridgeshire, which is synonymous with having one of the oldest and most famous universities in the world, Cambridge University dating back to the 13th Century. Cambridge has a diverse array of shops, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy or you can take a tranquil punt down the River Cam.

Areas of the county of Cambridgeshire are situated in Fenland (a reclaimed marshy area of land with a system of waterways) and as you travel around the area you cannot fail to be spellbound by how far you can see across the vast flat areas of land giving rise to stunning sunsets.

The county of Cambridgeshire was mentioned in the Domesday Book under the name of Grantbridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire has a broad range of property types from the stone in Cambridge to the timber frames and render buildings in the older properties. Our local building Surveyors have experience in all these types of properties and will carry out structural surveys, valuations, etc for you in the Cambridgeshire area. For a no obligation chat please call us on 01234 355 358 to find out how we can save you money with a building survey.


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A building survey is essential - it will save you time and money

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Cambridgeshire interesting facts

Did you know that Cambridgeshire has:-

Cambridgeshire has a port – Wisbech port on the River Nene

Cambridgeshire has Bronze Ages sites such as Flag Fen near Peterborough and Stonea Camp near March.

Cambridge was the site of the first official game of football with rules we recognise played on Parker’s Piece in 1848.

You are only permitted a clock on your boathouse in Cambridge if you’ve won 10 head of the river races in 10 consecutive years.

The poet Lord Byron was not permitted to keep a dog in his rooms at Trinity College Cambridge, so instead, he kept a bear as there were no rules regarding bears!

We will send you example surveys

We believe our building surveys are the best money can buy

See the quality of our surveys by downloading and viewing an example survey today

example surveys

Example Cambridgeshire Survey


Modern Cambridgeshire Detached House

Example survey

Example Cambridgeshire Survey


Extended Cambridgeshire Cottage

example survey

Example Cambridgeshire Survey


Modern Cambridgeshire Bungalow

example survey

Independent Chartered Surveyors

GEM Independent Building Surveyors are 100% impartial

Our Building Surveyors give you advice and expertise working totally for you not the mortgage lender or estate agent.

Call 01234 355 358 for independent property advice

Call 01234 355 358

Helpful local knowledge

As Independent Chartered Building Surveyors we have been carrying out structural surveys for many, many years and have given advice to our valued clients providing detailed, plain English survey reports containing many survey photographs and unique survey sketches to ensure any property issues are clearly defined.  Local knowledge is always best as well as expertise in every property era so call us today as no doubt we can provide an example survey of a property in your area which is similar to the property you are looking at either buying or needing advice with.

Take a look at one of our local information pages for helpful local knowledge.


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