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Commercial property our surveys save you money


















Which type of Survey do you need

for your commercial property?

 If you are considering buying or leasing a commercial property then you will require a Building Survey. This may be in the form of a Commercial Building Survey with regards to a freehold property or a Schedule of Condition if the property is  leasehold.  Contact our Chartered Surveyors for advice.   

Commercial Building Survey  

 This survey and report is an in-depth look at every aspect of the freehold property and includes an Executive Summary that is divided into the plus points of the property, medium priority problems and high priority problems. 

Within this Executive Summary our IndeChartered Building Surveyors will include any action we feel is necessary to repair or resolve any issues we encounter, along with the costs involved in the solution of these problems.

Schedule of Condition

 A Schedule of Condition is a record of the property at the time the Landlord Leases the property to you and you become the tenant.  Schedules of Condition on Leased properties are prepared by our Independent Chartered Surveyors who understand Leases and future liabilities as well as Dilapidations aiming to put you in the best position to negotiate the Lease at the start and minimise future Dilapidations liability.

The Lease

When you (known as the tenant) decide to vacate the property (known as Yield Up) you need to leave the property in the condition stated in the Lease not the condition you leased the property in.

We reiterate this is a very important point as you need to leave the property in the condition stated in the Lease and NOT the condition you leased the property in.  This also shows how important the wording of the Lease is and how important getting a Schedule of Condition is as it will save you thousands, tens of thousands of pounds or even more on large buildings.

The Lease Terms in detail

Most Leases are on a Full Repairing and Insuring (FRI) basis but it is the detail that is so important such as does the Lease have onerous clauses such as Put and Keep in good order.

Not surprisingly there are solicitors and Chartered Surveyors who specialise in this area and you need to make sure the Chartered Surveyor you instruct understand Dilaps.  This is where we can help as our Independent Chartered Surveyors are experienced in this area.  Call us on  01234 355 358

Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition can limit your liability dependent upon the exact terms of your Lease but we believe whatever the terms of your Lease are a Schedule of Condition gives you the best chance of you avoiding a Dilapidations claim also known as a Dilaps claim.

Dilapidations claims are as certain as death and taxes

Remember it is said that a Dilaps claim is as certain as death and taxes.

Dilaps defined

Dilapidations claim defined for Tenants and or Business Owners

A Dilapidations claim is a sum of money or repairs required by the Landlord at the end of during the Lease term.  GEM Independent Chartered Surveyors can help you limit this liability.

Dilapidations claims defined for Landlords and Property owners

This is a list of liabilities that should have been carried out under the terms of the Lease which the tenants have to either repair and replace to the standard set out in the Lease or pay the full price for carrying out the work and managing the work together with any loss of rental income. 


What to know more about Dilapidations?

If you want to know more about Dilapidations call us on 01234 355 358

Click below for an example Schedule of Condition or call us and we will email you further examples.    


Take a look at our DilapsHelp website for more information

Structural Surveys / Property Reports

on Leased properties

We have over the years seen the need for people taking on Leases to have a friendly report in plain English as Schedules of Condition do not make easy reading and have therefore developed our own tailor made structural survey to help you understand the building and what to negotiate on to get the building at the right price for you.

Call us on 01234 355 358

and we will tell you more and email you an example 


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