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Building surveyors Buckinghamshire – why we provide the best surveys money can buy

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Plain English building surveys – our surveys are jargon free so that you will totally understand any property issues or characteristics
GEM Surveyors meet you at the property – we are happy to meet and talk to you at the property to discuss and property concerns or future plans
Local knowledge – we have been carrying out surveys in Buckinghamshire for many, many years and have local expertise
Detailed Executive Summaries – our surveys have Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries to ensure you understand the property from chimney to foundation externally and in every room from ceiling to floor internally.
Latest surveying equipment – GEM Surveyors always use the latest surveying equipment to ensure the most precise readings to gain a full analysis of the property
Aerial view – 360 photos – we not only include many high resolution digital photos in our surveys we also provide birds eye aerial view – 360 photos which give a unique view of any hard to view areas of the property
Unique survey sketches – over the many years we have been surveying we have commissioned unique survey sketches to ensure you are able to gain a full understanding of the property not just from descriptions and photos but from hand drawn detailed sketches too.

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Surveyors in Buckinghamshire

GEM Building Surveyors carry out structural building surveys for our clients across the county whether it is a farm house, town house or cottage a building survey is essential and will save you money too.

We are Independent Chartered Surveyors working with your interests at heart – not the mortgage lenders and all our Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) providing authoritative property advice.

Whether you are buying or renting a residential or commercial property our Buckinghamshire Surveyors provide the best surveying service money can buy with detailed survey reports.

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Places to visit in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire has many historic market towns and villages each with their own character and charm all of which we have carried out building surveys in over the many, many years we have been surveying properties in Bedfordshire.

Amersham Buckinghamshire

The market town of Amersham has a broad High Street with many timber-framed houses and cottages as well as the impressive Market Hall which dates back to 1682 being built by Sir William Drake in Old Amersham. Amersham has several independent shops as well as antique shops, restaurants and coffee shops making the town a popular place to browse in the shops and to be tempted by the choice of pubs and restaurants. If you watched the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral then the Crown pub and the tudor King’s Arms Hotel will look familiar as they were both featured in the film.

Independent Chartered Surveyors in Buckinghamshire provide plain English, jargon free surveys.

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Chesham Buckinghamshire

One of the last stops on the London Underground Metropolitan Line Chesham is a favourite market town with commuters as well as walkers with the picturesque Chess Valley, grassy slopes of Lowndes Park and delightful Pednor vale. The Chilterns market town of Chesham has a museum in the Market Square, which houses many artefacts and depicts the history of the town with its diverse industries of the past making products including handbags, teddy bears, pencils, flats, aircraft seats and aluminium foil. These industries declined in the latter part of the 20th century with pharmaceutical, engineering and IT companies becoming prominent in the area. If you are thinking of buying a house or flat in Chesham or any town or village in Buckinghamshire then call our Independent Chartered Surveyors today for a free survey quote – we will save you money with a building survey.

Great Missenden Buckinghamshire

Great Missenden is synonymous with the author Roald Dahl who lived, worked and is buried in the pretty Buckinghamshire village. Roald Dahl has a museum and story centre in the High Street, which is dedicated to his memory and creativity which inspires visitors young and old although aimed at 6 to 12 year olds. Roald Dahl’s Great Missenden garden of his former home Gipsy House is open to the public at set periods of the year, which features his garden hut where he wrote his children’s stories. The garden is full of features Roald Dahl depicted in his stories such as the greenhouse, which inspired James and the Giant Peach and a caravan, which is featured in Danny, The Champion of the World.

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Princes Risborough Buckinghamshire

An approximate 39 minute train journey from London’s Marylebone Station Princes Risborough is another Buckinghamshire market town popular with commuters in the picturesque Chiltern countryside. Princes Risborough is once associated with The Black Prince, Edward who in 1343 held the manor with remnants of this historic building excavated in 1955, which revealed evidence of a large manor.

If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Princes Risborough or any town or village in Buckinghamshire then call us today for a free survey quote – we will give you peace of mind and save you money too with a building survey.

Kop Hill, Princes Risborough

Leading upwards from the town towards Whiteleaf Cross is Kop Hill, which was a well known venue for motor racing in the early 20th century. Kob Hill Climb takes place today every September with hundreds of historic vehicles climbing the hill and on display.

Historic buildings in Princes Risborough

Princes Risborough has over 40 listed buildings with notable buildings such as the 17th century Manor House, which was once occupied by Amy Johnson and is built in the Artisan Mannerist style with red brick and Monks Staithe on a timber frame. Other Princes Risborough listed buildings are Cromwell House in Church Street which dates back to the late 17th century with repairs carried out int the 20th century and the Grade I listed Church of St Dustan in Burton Lane with its early 14th century west tower.

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