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3 Ways You can Buy your next London property at the Right Price

1. By having a Building Survey you will find out if there are any costly property defects before you commit to buy    ✅

We always recommend you have an independent building survey as this will identify any property problems, give solutions and costs. When buying a property the term caveat emptor, which means buyer beware, means it is always best to have a building survey which will help you find out if there are any problems with the property.  An estate agent certainly will not tell you if there are any!  When buying a property English law states that the emphasis is on the buyer to find out if there are any property problems, which is why it is essential to have a building survey so you are not stuck with a problem property with large costs to rectify any issues.

Don't forget an Independent Building Surveyor works for you and only you with your best interests at heart.

3 Ways You can Buy your next London property at the Right Price

2. A Building Survey will save you time and money    ✅

5 Reasons why a Building Survey is essential

  1. Know the costs of any problems before you buy and have the options and solutions explained clearly ✅
  2. Independent Surveyors who work 100% for you with your best interests at heart ✅
  3. We act Fast so you can make an informed decision with a building survey ✅
  4. Meet your Surveyor at the property to discuss any concerns and your future plans ✅
  5. Free example surveys so you can see the detail in our survey reports ✅

3 Ways You can Buy your next London property at the Right Price

3. A money saving Building Survey will ensure you don't have any costly surprises    ✅

FREE Example Surveys

We believe our Building Surveys are the best money can buy - click on a link below to see the depth and easy to read format of our London building surveys

Victorian Example Survey

london victorian extended house


Extended Victorian House

Download Example Survey Here

Edwardian Example Survey

london edwardian house modernised


Modernised Edwardian House

Download Example Survey Here

Post War Years Survey

london post war years house


Post War Years House

Download Example Survey Here


Still wondering whether to have a London Building Survey?

You may be still wondering whether to purchase a building survey? – when purchasing a property it really is essential to buy a building survey.

We really believe our surveys are great value for money as you really do not want to move in only to find out that the property has expensive problems that you will then have to pay to fix.

By having a London building survey it will give you peace of mind and save you money too

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