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Gem Surveyors provide 3D models of houses that allow You to experience

Your property in a realistic 3 dimensional view


Planning, designing, constructing an amendment to your home? 

YES - then one of our 3D models will ensure you and your builders are on the same page

Tailor made 3D models and layout plans from Independent Building Surveyors

Why a 3D model of your house will help You

Home alterations and house extensions

Planning to alter the layout of your home or an extension?  YES then a 3D model will help you visualise the design and ensure you make the right decision saving you time and money.

As building projects evolve a 3D model helps

Building projects frequently require adaptations of the original design – a 3D model will help to plan and develop any amendments.

Intelligent property solutions

To ensure your property amendments meet your requirements a 3D model representation in advance of your building works assists cost effectively with the construction cycle.

Limit risks

Extensions and amendments to your home can be costly and time consuming – a 3D model can help limiting costly mistakes or misconceptions.

Amending the layout of your home

If you are planning on making changes to the layout of your home a 3D model will help in advance of the amendments to give you a realistic advanced view of your new layout.

New Layout for your Home?

We can help you:-

  1. Maximise floor space
  2. Create a natural room flow
  3. Enhance your living space
  4. Maximise light
  5. Ensure good airflow in your home

If you are considering removing an internal wall or several internal walls reconfiguring your house layout a floorpan will ensure you do not waste time and money giving you a clear visual image of the changes you are planning to make.  

Our Surveyors are property experts and will advise you as to which internal walls can be removed and how best to create your new home layout.

Planning house alternations? Call 01234 355 358 we can help with the design process

We can help You with a 3D model that will help ensure the layout and design work for You

Changing your house layout or planning an extension? Call 01234 355 3580

Call 01234 355 358 today! GEM Surveyors will help You save time and money with your house extension


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