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House Survey or Homebuyers Survey?

Should I have a house survey or homebuyers survey? This a question we are frequently asked – a house survey which is also known as a full structural survey or building survey is the answer if you are buying a house. Why? Read more below or call our friendly Building Surveyors who will happily explain further or answer any of your questions.

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What is the difference between a building survey and a homebuyers survey?

There are fundamentally 3 types of building survey:-

Homebuyers Survey
Building Survey also known as a Structural Building Survey or House Survey
Mortgage valuation survey

Homebuyers Survey

A Homebuyers Survey report some would describe as a “tick box” survey. These surveys are carried out by Surveyors using a survey template with standard wording relating to the condition of the property. Surveyors will often carry out several surveys in one day and are unlikely to inspect areas such as the roof space or lift manhole covers.

You will be employing the Surveyor directly who carries out a Homebuyers survey therefore you will be able to make a claim if they overlook a property defect. However, Homebuyers surveys are full of exclusion clauses and caveats so beware you may have issues if a case ends up in court trying to prove negligence!

Building Surveys – House Surveys – Full Structural Surveys

A building survey or full structural survey or house survey is carried out by a Building Surveyor and although the more costly survey it certainly is value for money. A building survey is a detailed inspection of the property externally and internally carried out by a highly qualified Chartered Surveyor. The Building Surveyor will lift manhole covers, have ladders to climb up into the roof space to inspect the roof timbers, use cherry pickers to inspect the roof itself and even, with the permission of the vendor, lift floorboards where necessary if major dampness is an issue.

Mortgage Valuation Survey

A Mortgage Valuation Survey is exactly as the name suggests a survey carried out by your mortgage company to ascertain if the property they are going to lend money against has sufficient collateral. This survey is not a ‘survey’ in its full term and is organised by the lender with the borrower having to pay for the survey although the lender retains legal ownership of the report. If the mortgage valuer carrying out this report for the lender fails to identify a costly property defect you will not be able to make a claim against him.

Although this is the cheapest option this really is mainly for the benefit of the lender and we would highly recommend that when investing a large sum of money in a property you have a full structural building survey carried out.

If you want value for money and peace of mind choose a House Survey
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Full Structural House Surveys Fast

Having a full structural house survey from GEM Surveyors will be the best decision you can make in connection with your new home.

A house survey from GEM Surveyors will ensure you have peace of mind with your new property.

7 reasons why our house surveys are the best money can buy:-

  1. Highly qualified and knowledgeable local Surveyors – all our Independent Chartered Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and are property experts in all eras, types and styles of Bedfordshire properties.
  2. Independent Property Advice – all our Building Surveyors are independent which means they are 100% impartial and not affiliated to any mortgage lender, estate agency or insurance company working for you and only you.
  3. Plain English Surveys – jargon free, easy to read house surveys ensuring you fully understand any property issues or concerns.
  4. Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries – clear and comprehensive house surveys presented in a format that has been researched and developed over many years with many survey photos, survey sketches and definitions of technical terms.
  5. Aerial view – 360 photos – not only hundreds of high resolution digital photos are included in our house surveys but aerial view – 360 photos too, in a cost effective manner, including a ird’s eye view of high level areas such as roofs and valley gutters.
  6. Latest surveying equipment – all our building Surveyors use the latest surveying equipment ensuring accurate measurements and analysis of the property including thermal imaging cameras, damp resistant meters, etc.
  7. 3D models and layout plans – thinking about extending or amending the layout of your property then our Surveyors can help with a 3D model and/or layout plan to enable you to visualise any plans saving you time and money.