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Are you buying a property in Ampthill? or one of Bedfordshire’s towns or villages?

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Our building surveys will:-

Save you money by identifying any property problems and give anticipated costs, which you can use to negotiate on the asking price

Give you a detailed, plain English, easy to read structural survey, which will help you understand the property and any issues.

Give you independent 100% impartial property advice – we work for you not the mortgage lender, estate agent or insurance company and have your best interests at heart.

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Ampthill Building Surveys

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Buying a house in Ampthill?

Are you buying a house in Ampthill or one of the surrounding towns or villages in Bedfordshire? Then a building survey from GEM Surveyors is essential and will save you money too.

Why have a building survey from GEM Surveyors?

Having a building survey from GEM Surveyors who are Independent Chartered Surveyors means that they have your best interests at heart. Gem Surveyors work for you and only you not the mortgage lender, estate agent or insurance company. A building survey will reveal any property issues and our survey reports give details of any works required and anticipated costs so you can use the survey to negotiate a lower price to take into consideration the works required.

Discount on survey reports

You may decide that the property you are looking to buy has too many costly issues and you do not go ahead and purchase. In this case we can help with a discount on your next property survey – we want you to find the right property for you.

Whether you are buying a house, flat, bungalow or a commercial property a survey is essential.

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Ampthill High Street
Useful Full Structural Surveys Fast from Independent Chartered Surveyors

Ampthill Property

About Ampthill

Ampthill is a Georgian market town located close to the M1, junction 12 and just off the A507 in south Bedfordshire.

10 Interesting Facts about Ampthill

Colonel Richard Nicolls, who was born in Ampthill named New York
In Ampthill Katherine of Aragon received the news that her marriage to Henry VIII had been annulled at a special court meeting at Dunstable Priory in May 1533
Houghton House was built in 1615 for Mary, Countess Pembroke
Capability Brown landscaped Ampthill Park
Thatched Ossory Cottages in Woburn Street where built in c1816 for estate workers
Ampthill Railway Station opened in 1868 closing in 1959 although the Midland Main Line trains still pass through the site.
A brewery was established by the Morris family in Bedford Street in the 1770s although demolished in 1936
Avenue House was built by John Morris (brewery owner) in 1790 with the addition of the eastern section in 1819.
Moot Hall, the 15th century building was demolished in 1852 and replaced with the Clock House
Ampthill once had two cinemas; The Electric Kinema in Saunders Piece (1920-1939) and The Ampthill Picture House in Bedford Street (1937-1960) later re-established as the Zonita Ampthill Community Cinema in Park side Community Hall, Woburn Street.

Looking to buy or rent a property in Ampthill?

Estate Agents in Ampthill include:-

Country Properties, Church Street

Indigo Residential, Dunstable Street

Urban & Rural, Bedford Street

Orchards, The Clock House, Bedford Street

Don’t buy a problem Buy a Survey

Remember when buying a property you do not want to be buying a problem property. Having a building survey will give you peace of mind where you will receive a survey report identifying any property problems, works required and anticipated costs before you commit to buy.

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Green Spaces in Ampthill

Ampthill has a delightful Park, which was the site of Ampthill Castle. During the time of the Castle Henry VIII stayed and Katherine of Aragon resided during her separation from Henry VIII. Ampthill Park at that time was a palace/manor house rather than what is known today as a traditional castle with Katherine’s Cross marking the site on the ridge. The castle was ruinous by 1600.

Ampthill House, as we see it today, was built for the Ossoary family by architect Robert Grumbold from 1687-1689 and later remodeled by Sir William Chambers in the late 1700s.

Ampthill Park was once wood pasture but was landscaped by Capability Brown with trees planted strategically in clumps to create unique scenes from the ridge.

At the turn of the 20th century in 1902 Ampthill Park was the location for a special event attended by local inhabitants of Ampthill and the surrounding villages of Clophill, Silsoe and Flitwick. The Maharajah of Koihapur picnicked in Ampthill Park with the Bedfordshire Regiment band entertaining and locals taking part in sports.

Ampthill Park covers 70 hectares and is managed by Ampthill Town Council. The Park is Grade II listed and home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Whether you are walking along the Greensand Ridge Walk, watching cricket being played during the summer or picnicking whilst children play in the play area Ampthill Park is a wonderful place to relax.

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