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We provide excellent quality building surveys, structural surveys and property reports on all Era’s, types and styles of buildings across Bedfordshire. Our team of Independent Chartered Building Surveyors are dedicated and friendly with extensive knowledge of Bedfordshire. We provide peace of mind with our building surveys and will meet you at the property to discuss any concerns or plans for the property.

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Why Bedfordshire Surveyors provide the best surveys money can buy:-

  1. Highly qualified and knowledgeable – all our Bedfordshire Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are property experts in all eras, types and styles of Bedfordshire buildings
  2. Independent advice – Bedfordshire Surveyors are independent from banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies – we work for you and only you with your best interests at heart
  3. Plain English Surveys – easy to read, jargon free building surveys ensuring you fully understand the property and any concerns or issues
  4. Aerial view – 360 photos – we not only include many high quality digital photos in our survey reports we use the latest cameras and provide aerial view photos which give a bird’s eye view of ordinarily difficult areas to view ensuring you appreciate and understand the property inside and out
  5. Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries – comprehensive building surveys presented in a layout that has been researched and devised over many, many years by listening to our clients wishes and concerns with our surveys presented in a manner that details the property information clearly with photos, sketches and definitions of technical terms
  6. Latest survey equipment – all our Bedfordshire Surveyors are equipped with the latest survey equipment ensuring accurate measures and analysis of any property issues
    Unique survey sketches – we have commissioned

The county of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is a delightful county with beautiful countryside with areas including the Downs, Marston Vale, Chiltern Hills and Greensand Ridge. The county of Bedfordshire has many charming villages such as Old Warden and historic towns such as Woburn with enchanting cottages and many Listed buildings with the area and all types and styles of property covered by our building Surveyors who can assist with building surveys.

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Impressive buildings in Bedfordshire

There are several impressive stately homes in Bedfordshire including Woburn Abbey, Wrest Park and Luton Hoo with stunning architecture and steeped in history. If you are looking to buy a Bedfordshire listed building then call our friendly surveyors today who have many, many years of experience with listed properties in Bedfordshire and can provide comprehensive advice. The county of Bedfordshire is abundant with family attractions including Woburn Safari Park, Whipsnade Zoo, Mead Open Farm, Shuttleworth Collection, Stockwood Discovery Centre and Priory County Park.

Royalty in Bedfordshire

In times gone by the county of Bedfordshire has had several kings and queens of England holding court and hunting in the Bedfordshire forests. In the Bedfordshire market town of Ampthill Catherine of Aragon was incarcerated, in Dunstable Queen Eleanor was buried and whilst WWII was occurring Bedfordshire was a county where several crowned heads of Europe took refuge. Winston Churchill whilst at Luton Hoo made an inspirational speech and many spy planes proceeded from Shuttleworth towards enemy lines during WWII.

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John Bunyan’s Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire has many buildings relating to Harrowden, near Elstow born, John Bunyan, the author of The Pilgrim’s Progress including a house in St Marys Street, Bedford, which has a blue plaque commemorating “In this house John Bunyan sought spiritual help from John Gifford in the 1650s”.

Harlington and John Bunyan

Another Bedfordshire village, Harlington, has a blue plaque at Harlington House, Station Road commemorating John Bunyan depicting “ Here at Harlington House, John Bunyan, author and Christian preacher, appeared before Francis Wingate, J.P., on 13th November 1660 prior to being sent to Bedford Gaol for ‘field-preaching’. During his 12 years in prison he wrote “The Pilgrim’s Progress” and another at the top of Barton Road Bunyan’s Oak with the words “Christian preacher and author of “The Pilgrim’s Progress”’ John Bunyan (1628-1688) delivered sermons from the natural pulpit of the oak tree located in the field opposite, prior to being sent to Bedford Gaol for ‘field-preaching’.

Bedfordshire cultural events

The county cultural events include what is reportedly the largest one day event in Europe the annual Luton Carnival and Mela, the Linslade Canal Festival and Bedford’s Riverside Festival. From Bedford Morris Men who were founded in 1932 to the delightful, intimate The Place theatre in Bedford the county of Bedfordshire has events for all tastes.

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Don’t buy a problem, buy a GEM survey

If you are buying a property in Bedfordshire, then having one of our Building Surveys carried out is essential to give you peace of mind. Our Surveyors offer a professional, knowledgeable service and are committed to giving you the best survey money can buy.

Gem Surveyors have an extensive knowledge of all eras, types and styles of property in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. We have surveyed everything from flats, bungalows and houses to mansions, historic Listed Buildings, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Why have a house survey?

Having knowledge of a property problem before you purchase a property is a wonderful thing. Having a Building Survey allows you to do this. It enables you to weigh up the pros and cons associated with the purchase and also to negotiate the price. Or it may mean that you simply walk away and purchase a different property as the survey has highlighted some costly building issues.

Not having a survey means you are buying, what is probably going to be the largest financial commitment you will make, blind. You need to enter into a purchase of this size with your eyes wide open.

Why our house surveys are unique

GEM House Surveys are unique in many ways.

1. Our surveyors are completely independent of all financial organisations. We do not buy and sell houses so there is no conflict of interest. We are working for you and your best interests.

2. We are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with all eras of property.

3. Our surveys are written in plain English with a common sense approach. This ensures you fully understand any issues that arise during the survey.

4. Our survey format has been researched and revised over the decades. We always include an Executive Summary which immediately highlights any issues or characteristics of the property that we feel you need to be aware of.

5. We always take hundreds and hundreds of photos and aerial view photos during the course of the survey. These assist in explaining any problems we come across. The aerial photos are particularly helpful for areas that are difficult to survey such as roofs, chimneys and hidden valley gutters.

6. Our surveys also contain our unique sketches and 3D images to further assist in explaining any property problems found.

7. Our surveyors are always equipped with the latest surveying equipment such as laser levels, electronic damp meters and x16 zoom lens on a digital camera.

Aerial 360 photos used in Bedfordshire house surveys


Examples of our unique survey sketches

Alterations to a roof structure

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