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GEM Surveyors are independent buildings surveyors who can provide full structural surveys, often referred to as building surveys, on the property you are intending to purchase or lease.  A house survey will give you the following:

  1. Peace of mind that the house has no major structural problems or if it has building solutions and anticipated costs to carry out work.
  2. Save you money, in that if the survey identifies any property problems, i.e. re-roofing, you can ask for a discount in the purchase price.
  3. 100% Impartial, independent property advice. GEM Surveyors are independent, meaning we are not affiliated to any bank, building society or estate agent and will therefore be working in your best interests and not that of other parties.

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About Langford

Langford is a relatively large village 3 miles south of the Bedfordshire town of Biggleswade. The village of Langford itself can be traced back to Saxon times and in the Doomsday book of 1086 had approximately twenty-one inhabitants.

Langford amenities

The village has a wide range of different facilities for its residents, which includes; a surgery, post office, beauty salons, as well as other small and locally run shops.

Listed buildings and period properties in Langford

There are two churches in Langford, the Methodist Chapel, and the St Andrews Church. St Andrews Church is a beautiful, classic and historic building (which dates back to the 14th/15th century) that became Grade 1 listed in 1966.  There are many other historic and Listed buildings in Langford.

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History of Langford

Langford actually lies in the valley of the River Ivel, which dates back to Saxon times, being mentioned as far back as AD944.

Langford Mill and Jordan’s Mill

Langford Mill used to be the home of papermaking, a rare craft that dates back to around 1746.

Jordan’s Mill is situated in Biggleswade, 3 miles south of Langford. The mill is situated next to the stunning River Ivel, surrounded by idyllic, rural scenery and history. Jordan’s Mill is a leading flour producer across the region, and plays a huge part in the worldwide granola movement. Jordan’s Mill has been producing delicious cereals for years, as well as providing the local residents with job opportunities.

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