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  1. Highly qualified and knowledgeable – all our Building Surveyors in Hertfordshire are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are property experts with all eras, types and styles of London buildings.
  2. Independent advice – GEM Building Surveyors are independent from banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies – working for you with your best interests at heart.
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  4. Aerial view – 360 photos – we not only include high quality digital photos in our survey reports we use the latest cameras and provide aerial view photos, which give a bird’s eye view of ordinarily difficult areas to view ensuring you appreciate and understand the property.
  5. Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries – comprehensive surveys presented in a layout that has been researched and devised over many years of listening to how our clients appreciate our survey presentation detailing the property information clearly with photos, sketches and defining technical terms.
  6. Latest survey equipment – all our Building Surveyors in Hertfordshire are equipped with the latest survey equipment.
  7. Unique survey sketches – we have commissioned many unique survey sketches, which we include in our structural surveys that assist in explaining property issues or characteristics.

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Call our surveyors at 01234 355 358Our Building Surveyors in Hertfordshire provide structural building surveys for our clients across Hertfordshire whether it is a farm house, town house, cottage or flat a building survey is essential and will save you money too.

We are Independent Chartered Surveyors working with your interests at heart – not the mortgage lenders and all our Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) providing authoritative property advice.

Whether you are buying or renting a residential or commercial property our Independent Chartered Surveyors provide the best surveying service money can buy with detailed survey reports.

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The county of Hertfordshire is located in the south-east of England and from its border to the south it is only twelve miles from London ‘s centre. The counties bordering Hertfordshire are to the south London, to the north Bedfordshire, to the west Buckinghamshire, to the north east Cambridgeshire and to the east Essex.

The county of Hertfordshire is made up of a assortment of beautiful villages, old market towns and modern towns, which our local Independent Chartered Surveyors have carried out surveys in for many, many years. Half of Hertfordshire is Green Belt land with superb woodland areas, farmland and rivers and the Chiltern Hills are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The name of Hertfordshire dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era when it was known as ‘Heort Ford’, which means ‘deer crossing’.

Hertfordshire’s history goes back to the middle stone age with the land farmed during the Neolithic era. Permanent settlement goes back to the start of the Bronze Age. The Romans later settled in Hertfordshire in AD43 and the new town of Verulamium was one of the largest Roman towns in Britain. Following the withdrawal of the Romans from Britain the Anglo Saxons lived in the area starting up new towns such as Hertford. The Norman Conquest instigated the building of castles in the area at Berkhamsted and Bishop’s Stortford.

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Hertfordshire country walks

If you are thinking about relocated to Hertfordshire or already live in Hertfordshire then there are plenty of delightful Hertfordshire country walks to enjoy.

Buying a new home can be worrisome with property concerns – call our Building Surveyors today 01234 355 358 for a free survey quote to get peace of mind with a building survey.

Beacon View, Tring, Hertfordshire

To enjoy a walk by the Grand Union Canal, , the woodlands and chalk downland of ancient Tring Park, the Ridgeway National Trail and rolling Chiltern’s countryside with views to the unmistakable Ivinghoe Beacon then The Beacon View walk is notable. The walk can be started from either Tring railway station or the Greyhound in Wigginton. To get to Tring station from London you find it on the London Midland line from Euston and has the benefit of a sizeable car park. The Beacon View six and a half mile route travels through Tring Park on King Charles’ Ride. As the name implies, Tring Park has historic royal connections and houses a monument to Nell Gywnn, King Charles II’s mistress. Tring Park has remnants of an early 18th-century landscape and offers vital habitats for wildlife, especially in its large areas of chalk grassland. Tring Park is managed by the Woodland Trust and offers open access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

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Three Springs, Offley, Hertfordshire

Typical of the Chilterns area is the countryside around Offley, which has recessed lanes, ancient hedges and unevenly shaped fields. To explore the Chilterns features the Three Spring Walk offers the perfect route. A short walk for an hour or so or a longer circular walk over five miles are options to enjoy the landscape. The Red Lion pub in Offley, in Kings Walden Road is the location of the beginning and end of both walks and a pub that we have surveyed in the past.

Our Chartered Surveyors can help with pub surveys too providing full structural surveys and schedules of condition – we strongly advise not to take on a pub lease without a schedule of condition as it will limit your future liabilities.

Small woodlands rather than rivers are what are described as the ‘three springs’. Mazebeard Spring, Newfield Spring and Mead Springs were possibly small areas of coppiced woodland, the word spring denoting the regrowth of shoots from trees cut close to the ground. This customary method of woodland management safeguarded a steady supply of material for fencing stakes and rural crafts.

All our Independent Chartered Surveyors have specialist knowledge of Listed buildings and can provide comprehensive structural survey reports and give expert advice.

100% Impartial advice and expertise from Independent Chartered Surveyors

Our Surveyors are independent Chartered Surveyors working for you not the banks, not the estate agents and not the mortgage lenders.

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The Wall Hall Estate, Aldenham, Hertfordshire

There are three way marked routes in the countryside closeby to the historic Wall Hall Estate near Aldenham. Hertfordshire County Council own the estate which is set in a gently-rolling landscape framed by the rive Colne with miles of country lanes, hidden byways, bridleways and footpaths. At its centre is the neo-Gothic mansion house, which is steeped in history with the estate being laid across 1,000 acres. The three routes are of one, four or six and a half miles, which allow visitors to explore this picturesque area. The routes meander through the charming village of Aldenham, some ancient semi-natural woodland at Berrygrove and across the watery Colne valley.

Great Ashby Woods, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Great Ashby is a mainly residential development located to the north-east of the Hertfordshire town of Stevenage. Among the houses and along the edge are pockets of ancient woodland. Where previously the land was arable the Great Ashby District Park created meadows and planted trees to form a connection between the important woodlands and other nearby woodlands.

The Great Ashby Woods walk is two miles and takes in five woodlands, each with its own individual character. The Beane valley can be viewed as well as Hertfordshire’s only surviving windmill at Cromer, Ardeley which is Grade II* listed.

Yes, we have even surveyed windmills in the past! Our Chartered Surveyors are experts in all Era’s types and styles of properties – call today for a free survey quote 01234 355 358

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Broxbourne Wood, near Brickenden, Hertfordshire

Broxbourne Woods National Nature Reserve is a magnificent place to enjoy a walk with its diverse wildlife and ancient and modern woodland. Several separate woods make up Broxbourne Woods those of Bencroft, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon Park and Wormley. Amongst the trees a sculpture trail can be found with objects and figures that depict aspects of the locations wildlife and how man has made use of the land such as a Roman soldier representing the soldiers that marched along the Roman road to London at nearby Ermine Street and a wild boar that makes one remember how they used to root the ground for fallen acorns in years gone by.

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