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Building surveyors in Cambridge

GEM Surveyors love Cambridge and its historic university as well as the surrounding area and would be delighted to carry out full structural surveys on old and new buildings.

Tailored survey reports

We provide our clients with all types of property advice with survey reports tailored to your individual property needs. Our building structural survey reports are far superior to the kind that your mortgage company usually provide and as we are independent of mortgage lenders we have your best interests at heart.

Save money with a building survey

When you are making what is often the most expensive decision you will make on a property move or investment you are safe in our hands helping you to make an informed decision and to buy at the right price. We save our client’s money and time as a building survey will aid in your negotiations and help you make the right informed decision.

Building surveys fast

Our structural building surveys stand out from other surveyors’ reports as they are written in plain English, include many photos, including specialist aerial view 360 photos and unique sketches to help explain property problems as well as providing the solution and projected repair costs. Our Structural Surveyors give expert property advice on buildings in your area and are always happy to meet you at the property to explain any problem areas.

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Buying a house in Cambridge?

If you are looking to buy a house in Cambridge then a call to GEM Building Surveyors to help by providing a building survey on your next property is a must. Not only will a building survey save you money but it will give you peace of mind too detailing any property issues. After all committing to what often is the largest financial purchase you make without a building survey would be foolish. Our Building Surveyors structural surveys are, we believe, the best money can buy with cost of the survey being off set against the large saving you can achieve on the property when you use the survey report as a negotiation document.

House prices in Cambridge

Over the many years our Building Surveyors have been carrying out structural building surveys on old and modern properties in Cambridge and across the county of Cambridgeshire we have seen property prices go up and up and up. Cambridgeshire is therefore a great county to buy a house, bungalow or an apartment in as the upward trend on property prices.

What is the difference between a Homebuyers Survey and a Structural Building Survey?

When buying a property it is essential to have a building survey not just a homebuyers survey but a full structural survey. Why a building survey rather than a homebuyers survey? A Homebuyers survey is a shortened form of a building survey often produced on an almost tick list format generally without costings of property problems. Whereas a structural building survey from GEM Surveyors, Independent Chartered Surveyors, is highly detailed, has costings on the amount of money required to solve building issues as well as descriptions as to ways of solving property problems. Whilst Homebuyers surveys are cheaper it is a false economy not to have a building survey after all buying a house is generally the most expensive purchase you will make with a building survey a very small percentage of what you are spending on the property.

Renting in Cambridge?

Are you renting in Cambridge? Or are you looking to rent a property in Cambridge?

A Schedule of Condition will protect you from future large dilapidations claims.

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A Schedule of Condition from GEM Surveyors, Independent Building Surveyors, is a detailed photographic report, which states the property condition at the time of the survey and reduces time and money negotiation the dilaps claim at the end of the lease. When a Schedule of Condition is appended to your lease it will protect your interests as well as:-

  1. Help with the negotiation process when a dilapidations claim has been served.
  2. Save time as the elements of the property are comprehensively detailed.
  3. Save money as it protects and limits your dilaps liabilities.
  4. Is a professional, clear way to exchange property information in a specific way.
  5. Will assist to resolve disputes with minimum cost and without requiring proceedings

Read More about protecting yourself with a Schedule of Condition by clicking on the button below

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Brief Cambridge history

The city of Cambridge is synonymous with its historic university however the city itself dates back much further than the university.

The first settlement in the area was north of the river, on Castle Hill. The Romans built the first town although there is evidence for pre-Roman activity in the area. The area was marshy, flat, fen land and the area built on was a convenient part of the river Cam to cross. The town was a port and was head of the River Granta navigation as it was known during these times. Today Magdalene Bridge is still known as Quayside, which is derived from the local activity in the area many years ago with only punts present now.

The oldest building in Cambridge

In the times of the Anglo Saxons the settlement on Castle Hill was defended as was a further one close to St Benedict’s Church. St Benedict’s Church is also known as St Bene’t’s and is said to have a Saxon tower making it the oldest building in Cambridge. The town during this time was called Grantabrycge and was later under Danish rule.

Listed buildings in Cambridge

Our Independent Chartered Surveyors are experts in Listed Buildings take a look to see how we can help with your Listed property by clicking on the icon below

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The Normans and Cambridge

In 1068 the Normans erected a castle on Castle Hill, which helped to fortify Cambridge at this high vantage point; particularly as Hereward the Wake in nearby Ely was defying the Normans. Today little of the castle is in existence other than a Castle Mound and a few stones in the Shire Hall grounds.

The area was known as Grentebrige or Cantebrigge and eventually became Cambridge. The river’s name also changed from Granta to Cam although upstream it is still called the Granta.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University in 1209 was established when some students from Oxford moved to the area. In 1284 the first college Peterhouse was founded later other colleges were formed either taking over from priories such as St Rhadegund, town houses such as St John’s college or amalgamated previous colleges.

Later King Henry VIII removed control of the university colleges from the religious bodies, which had controlled them previously and built many splendid gatehouses such as Christ’s gatehouse.

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